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    Location                           Geo. Coord. 22.281155,-81.210217

    Located on the Zapata Peninsula in the southern of Matanzas province, Cuba. It is located less than 170 kilometres (106 mi) southeast of Havana. Ciénaga de Zapata represents also a municipality, the largest one of Cuba with 4,162 km2


    Within the Zapata Swamp are over 900 autochthonous plant species, 175 species of birds, 31 species of reptiles and over 1000 species of invertebrates. Some of the most notable are local endemics to Cuba, for birds it would include the Zapata wren, Zapata rail, and the Zapata sparrow. The Zapata Swamp is also visited by 65 species of birds during their migration pattern from North America through the Caribbean to South America. Cienaga de Zapata is also known for the local endemic Cuban crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer) which are restricted to this area.

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